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  •  Authorized Training Partners
  •  Academic Partners
  •  Affiliate Partners
We carefully select our authorized training partners to sell and deliver certification training based on their subject matter knowledge, training abilities, and strategic alignment with program and regional needs.
•   Market your training events through
•   Promote your services through AIPMM’s social and online 
      channels, newsletters, and events
•   Participate in AIPMM-sponsored training and education content
      development opportunities
•   Help your trainers qualify to become Certified Product 
      Management trainers and master Product Professional trainers

•   Adherence to the ATP Code of Ethics
•   AIPMM administrative access to the course materials and 
       facilities as required for occasional review
•   Recognition of their Approved status on marketing materials,
      including the organization's website
•    Payment of AIPMM ATP fees

After your application has been accepted and you are an authorized training partner, we will work with you to get at least one of your instructors ready to become a certified instructor. You will be required to have an AIPMM certified instructor on staff to remain an AIPMM authorized training partner.
The instructor certification process is designed to ensure all candidates have high-quality, consistent training experiences. Instructors are certified for particular courses. For each class you wish to offer, your instructor(s) will attend the course and participate in the "train the trainer" session to become familiar with the course and how to teach it. Additionally, they will demonstrate their product management knowledge by successfully completing the AIPMM professional certification exam.
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